“Dragon Ball Online” Coming to Korea in 2007
Published by 20 March 2007, 6:48 AM EDT

The “Dragon Ball Online” MMORPG that we mentioned in a previous podcast episode indeed appears to be reality! While it is being developed in Korea, it is an officially-licensed game and will be coming to both Korea and Japan on the PC (no console port is mentioned).

Here are a couple items we have pulled out of the pages:

  • You are free to do whatever
  • You can interact with other players
  • You can add new characters / events as time goes on by downloading new maps, characters, etc.
  • You can mix & match elements to create characters
  • You can have your character start out as a child and grow up over time
  • The game is set around 200 years after the end of DBZ (circa Age 1000)
  • Beta version comes out in Korea in 2007, with the Japanese release (and final Korean release) coming in 2008

So there you have it. Check out the “V-Jump” pages in the forum thread for additional screen shots and conversation!

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