“Nippon Ijin Taisho 2007” Special Feature
Published by 08 April 2007, 8:21 PM EDT

Taku128 brought a special video to our attention over on our forum. Entitled “Dragon Ball Original Anime Nippon Ijin Taisho 2007”, the video is an all-new animated feature showcasing a tournament to decide the mightiest “great person” throughout all of Japan’s history. The competitors include Benkei, Himiko, Prince Shotoku, and Amakusa Shiro. While fans and scholars of Japanese history and literature will probably get the biggest kick out of this, DBZ fans also have a lot to enjoy as none other than Son Goku provides a running commentary on the (over-the-top) fights with Masaharu Miyake, an announcer for Fuji TV. Of course, there is also the obligatory plug for the new R2 Dragon Ball DVDs that began their release this month. The animation is done in a very current, “One Piece”-esque style, and looks pretty spectacular.

Julian has provided a write-up with a little more depth over in the forum thread, so also be sure to check that out. Enjoy!

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