FUNimation Spanish DVD Updates
Published by 20 April 2007, 11:56 PM EDT

If you check out Z-Store, you will see that FUNimation now actually has not only their own listings for the first two Spanish DVD volumes, but now also has cover art for the two discs. Be sure to take a closer look, comparing them with the canceled “Ultimate Uncut Edition” covers:

We still have absolutely no official word from FUNimation, but it would appear they are going back and re-releasing the “Ultimate Uncut Edition” DVDs from the beginning as Spanish-only (this would be the same Mexican dub that the actual “Ultimate Uncut Edition” DVDs featured until their cancellation).

What we do know is that volume two is indeed supposed to be “El Plan de Piccolo” (not “El Pan”), and FUNimation has a price for the two discs around $9, themselves (Volume 1 / Volume 2). Sadly, according to a thread over on the official FUNimation forum these discs will be using the “remastered” footage with Spanish-only and English subtitles. Apparently they already started releasing these down in Mexico. As always, we will keep you up-to-date on anything else we are able to dig up.

Thanks to Lavender Saiyan on the forum for keeping up on this.

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