New “Viz Big” Omnibus 3-in-1 Manga Re-release Coming
Published by 26 July 2007, 10:20 PM EDT

Anime News Network’s coverage of the Viz panel at Comic-Con gives us a little information on the upcoming “Viz Big” series, which will include “Rurouni Kenshin” alongside both Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z:

Viz Media opened its panel with the announcement of “Viz Big,” an omnibus line that collects long-running series into three-in-one volumes. This new US$17.99 format offers new illustrations on paperback covers with gatefold flaps, color page inserts, and a larger print size (5.75 by 8.625 inches, like Vagabond). The May 2008 launch titles under Viz Big include Rurouni Kenshin, Dragon Ball, and Dragon Ball Z.

Everything in there seems to point to a kanzenban-styled release, but probably not the exact same thing. The dimensions are pretty close (my measurements of the kanzenban come to 5.75 by 8.25). The new artwork, flaps, color pages, and larger print size all ring the kanzenban bell, though. So will Viz finally release it properly, including all the bits here and there they have been censoring (artwork, dialogue, names, etc.)? Will they include the new ending Toriyama wrote? Who knows?! We will certainly keep you updated as we find out more information!

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