New DB CD in September: “Koro-chan Pack Dragon Ball Best”
Published by 04 August 2007, 11:49 PM EDT

Tanooki Kuribo did a little extra digging around based on the previous update, and found a companion to the “Koro-chan Pack Dragon Ball Z Best” CD that is coming out in September. What is this companion, you ask? One for the original Dragon Ball, of course! It looks like we are also getting “Koro-chan Pack Dragon Ball Best”. You can find its entry over on Play-Asia and CDJapan. According to its Neowing page, we can expect both “Makafushigi Adventure!” and “Romantikku Ageru Yo” along with a couple other songs.

“Koro-chan Pack Dragon Ball Best” (COCZ-1064) should come out for the same ¥1575 (roughly $12-$13) 09 September 2007.

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