Podcast Episode #0091
Published by 26 August 2007, 2:35 PM EDT

Episode #0091 of the podcast is available for download! I know… three updates in one day?! That’s unpossible! But here it is, believe it or not. This week, we went in-depth with the ending to DragonBall GT. The two big questions that were asked and discussed were: (1) Did Goku die?, and (2) Where did Goku go? / What did Goku become? As Meri mentioned during the episode, this is perhaps the “deepest” you can go with the DragonBall series, so if you’ve been looking to wax philosophical for a while, this doozy of a conversation is probably right up your alley.

Episode #0091! VegettoEX, Meri, and Julian follow up with a couple more song homages regarding last week’s topic, and then move into this week’s DBGT ending analysis. The two big questions in every fan’s mind seem to be: (1) Did Goku die? and (2) Where did he go / What did he become? We’ll take you through this conversation and hopefully bring up some points you may have never noticed. August’s releases and some more video game e-mails round out the episode!


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