Atari Restructuring, CEO Departs
Published by 13 November 2007, 6:40 PM EST

Atari has been on a roll today (in addition to that whole “shipping a new Dragon Ball video game” thing). Two additional press releases have come out, (1) announcing the complete departure from the production business, a refocusing on the distribution business, and a workforce reduction, and (2) announcing the departure of their current CEO, David Pierce.

What does this mean for Dragon Ball? Nothing, quite yet. “Budokai Tenkaichi 3” has already shipped, and they are nothing more than the North American (and abroad) distributor for the game (remember, it is created and developed over in Japan for Bandai by Spike as the “Sparking!” series). As far as we know, they are also still in corporate shenanigans land with FUNimation regarding supposed breaches of contract. We will let you know if anything else surfaces.

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