Viz Omnibus Additional Details: Color & Updated Text
Published by 18 November 2007, 1:06 AM EST

RightStuf has yet another new listing, this time for the Dragon Ball Z “omnibus” versions coming out from Viz (this coming after initial details came out for the first series’ release). Pretty interesting description, here:

This VIZBIG edition of Dragon Ball Z contains volumes 1-3 of the series, bonus color content and updated text.

Let us dig into this. First off, we know they are doing “DB” and “DBZ” separately, just like they did with the original “graphic novel” releases previously (despite the fact that the entire 42-volume series is simply called Dragon Ball, beginning to end, in Japan; the “Z” distinction is anime-only). Second is this “bonus color content” — this implies the color chapters have returned, similar to the kanzenban release in Japan. “Updated text”…? That is a doozy of a speculation to make. Are the translations simply “touched-up”? Censoring being addressed? Who knows…?!? Well, someone at Viz does. It would be nice if they would speak up. Drop us a line, guys! Help a fan out.

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