Carlsen Comics Releasing DBZ Animanga in Germany
Published by 13 December 2007, 9:15 PM EST

Our buddy Timo wrote in to let us know that there are some new releases on the way over in Germany. Carlsen Comics (who released the manga over there) announced that they will be putting out the “Film Anime Comics” versions (or “animanga”) for the Dragon Ball Z TV series. There is a little bit of information (and now cover art) up over on their website:

The “Saiyajin Saga” will be released in five volumes in paperback format (mirroring the Japanese original). In addition to this, the Carddass trading card game has actually been coming out since around July this year. The artwork and layout are similar to the French release, and the rules are the original Japanese. So far two editions have been released and a third is on its way.

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