Early Information Regarding FUNimation Summer Releases
Published by 13 December 2007, 9:20 PM EST

With the Will News has put up some information listing a whole bunch of interesting Dragon Ball-related releases coming from FUNimation later this year:

  • DBZ movies 1 & 2 Blu-ray May 27th – Remastered
  • DBZ movies 1 & 2 DVD May 27th – Remastered
  • DBZ Season 5 box set May 27th
  • DBGT Season 1 box set June 10th

New box sets, huh? There is no information on whether or not this DBGT box set is “remastered” in the same way that the DBZ season box sets are “remastered” — it seems a little strange to be coming so soon, since a “Lost Episodes” box set just recently came out 13 November 2007 (covering episodes 1-16), and there is already been a box set of their so-called first “season” released back in October 2005 (or rather, their volumes one through five).

So what about this Movie 1 & 2 double feature news? It looks like the upcoming Bardock/Trunks disc (which will be coming out in a special tin case, by the way) was only the tip of the iceberg, and DBZ movies 1 & 2 will come out on both standard DVD & Blu-ray. Interestingly, this somewhat contradicts what ToonZone reports was stated at the recent FUNimation panel at NYC Anime Festival:

FUNimation was one of the few anime companies at the New York Anime Festival that is releasing high-definition material on Blu-ray DVD. Sheehan started with the Dragon Ball Z: Broly on Blu-ray, which puts 2 Broly features on 1 disc. Sheehan asked the rhetorical question of, “Why buy a Blu-ray edition of a 20-year old show?” and answered himself by saying that the show looked, “Beyond pure…like a cel animation framed on my TV.” However, during the Q&A, Sheehan said that they had no plans for more Blu-ray or HD DVD at this time, but that they were satisfied with their results for Dragon Ball Z. He also said that they were settled on the Blu-ray format for now.

You can never completely trust what is said about the future at panels, since they are only saying what they are allowed to say at that particular point in time about upcoming plans and releases.

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