From The Past Friday: Pilaf Voices
Published by 26 January 2008, 10:25 AM EST

Of course I would completely forget what I sat down to update with yesterday, and instead did a completely different update. Oh, well! Here we go!

Once again, let us go back to the year 2000. FUNimation was finally getting ready to start up the original Dragon Ball TV series again, and had a stroke of brilliance in that they would be asking the fans what they wanted for some specific dub voices. Imagine that…! They threw up some MP3 voice samples on their website and had a little poll for everyone to participate in.

Second in line for this feature will be Pilaf himself. I am presenting the MP3s exactly as they were — no additional tagging has been made, no re-encoding has been done, etc.

Pilaf Potential Voice #1 (279 KB)

Pilaf Potential Voice #2 (313 KB)

Pilaf Potential Voice #3 (283 KB)

Pilaf Potential Voice #4 (317 KB)

UPDATE: Kirbopher writes in to tell us that the voices are Chris Cason, Dameon Clarke, Mike McFarland, and Chuck Huber, respectively.

Unfortunately, I do not appear to have saved the Chibi Goku voice samples. If there are any other old fogies out there who happened to save them from FUNimation’s site seven/eight years ago, please drop me a line!

I definitely have something for you next week to continue the feature, but it’s not what you’re expecting… ^_~

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