From The Past Friday: Prank Voices
Published by 02 February 2008, 1:33 PM EST

I’m not doing very good on keeping up with the “Friday” portion of “From The Past Friday”, am I? Oh, well…!

So here is a fun little doo-diddly you might have heard about either from actually being that old, or perhaps reading about it over in our “Rumor Guide”. Well, I dug up the voice samples and they are even older than those FUNimation clips we have been sharing, so I guess that makes them pretty darn well from the past!

Back in 1999, we played a fun little prank saying that Saffron Henderson (the previous voice of Gohan from Ocean Studios when FUNimation was first dubbing Dragon Ball Z) would be returning to play the role, rather than having it re-cast. This was, of course, absolutely false… but that did not stop us from having a friend at the time (Matt / “PyRo321”) use his then-young voice to do some impressions and fool some people!

Saffron Returns Prank – Clip #1 (40 KB)

Saffron Returns Prank – Clip #2 (14 KB)

Saffron Returns Prank – Clip #3 (53 KB)

Saffron Returns Prank – Clip #4 (52 KB)

When you look back on it now, it is pretty hard to see how anyone would believe it. I guess it was still that magical time and we were all in denial as to what FUNimation was actually doing. It sure made for good times, though! We will hit you back tomorrow with a podcast episode and contest winner!

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