“Sparking! METEOR” & “Burst Limit” OP CD Details
Published by 12 February 2008, 6:55 AM EST

It looks like Lantis has updated their website for the upcoming “Super Survivor” CD “single” which we know contains that song, the theme for the upcoming “Burst Limit” video game, and more:

  1. “Super Survivor”
  2. “Kiseki no Honō yo Moegare!”
  3. “Super Survivor” (English Version)
  4. “Kiseki no Honō yo Moegare!” (English Version)
  5. Image Song
  6. Image Song
  7. Off Vocal
  8. Off Vocal

“English Version” is definitely intriguing. You probably know that “Image Song” is what we could call a random song that appears on an album called something like “Music From And Inspired By (insert name here)” — it is not actually from the show/game, but in the same style, etc. “Off Vocal” is just another phrase for “karaoke version”.

So that about sums it up. I look forward to getting final information on the CD, which drops 09 April 2008 in Japan.

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