“Burst Limit” Gameplay & Tidbits From GDC 2008
Published by 23 February 2008, 8:00 PM EST

Super Ghost Kamikaze wrote in and let us know that GameSpot put up a video from GDC (Game Developers Conference for those of you non-hardcore gamers), where Donny Clay from Atari is showing off the upcoming “Burst Limit” game. I definitely appreciate the acknowledgement of Dimps and Spike to a pretty spectacular degree, rather than the typical “we” dialogue (which, admittedly, is still in there a bit) completely ignoring that the games are actually developed in Japan. “Kamehameha” is pronounced correctly this time around, too!

Lots of gameplay footage of Goku vs Piccolo is shown off, along with confirmation that:

  • Both the English (FUNimation) and original Japanese cast are selectable (no word on the music)
  • There will be subtitles if you wish on the Japanese language track (accurate translations / non-dubtitles, we hope?)
  • The game covers the Saiyan arc to the end of Cell
  • There will be the so-called “in-game transformations”
  • Story elements are via in-game engine cut-scenes
  • Simultaneous release on the PS3 & Xbox 360 in July (kinda figured this one)
  • No plans for downloadable content
  • There will be achievements (also obvious)
  • No destructible environments

The video is just under 12 minutes long, and it is worth watching to see the game in-motion in a nice format like this.

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