IGN Article: “What’s Wrong With DBZ”
Published by 10 April 2008, 8:41 PM EDT

This is the kind of article and analysis I can get behind. Before anyone gets all upset and wonders how on Earth such obviously-die-hard-fans of the series can criticize it to such an extent, please remember the first part of this sentence: die-hard-fans. Speaking solely for myself, I have been a part of this fandom for well over ten years, and I am so comfortable with my undying love that I have absolutely no problem pointing out flaws in the story.

Dragon Ball is one of those shows you love in spite of its flaws — that is really saying a lot for Toriyama’s talent as a writer.

So check out the article over on IGN with an open mind and the same love of the series you have come to expect from us here. I am really looking forward to “Part Two”, if they get around to writing it, since I honestly agree with every single point raised in part one. Maybe some of those filler inconsistencies can be raised in part two…? I know some people who would love to help out with some examples… ^_~

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