Podcast Episode #0125
Published by 20 April 2008, 3:36 PM EDT

Episode #0125 of the podcast is available for download! It’s funny when we record on Friday and things happen over the next couple days that completely contradict statements made in the episode… like the Chôzenshû showing up, and Julian being alive. Anyway, this week Meri and I took a look at another fun inconsistency between the original manga and TV series. Like the last two, you’ll find a video over on YouTube showcasing the panels, the actual scene, etc. You can also check out our “Video” page, which has all of the other videos, as well. Hope you enjoy it! Also keep in mind that we’re running a contest to win a free copy of the Commander Red Saga 2-disc set, and this will be your last week to enter. Listen in for details, along with all the other fun stuff. Definitely check it out.

Episode #0125! VegettoEX and Meri tackle yet another inconsistency between the manga and TV series. In DBZ TV episode 95, Piccolo is shot through the chest by Freeza after knocking Goku out of the way. However, in the manga, it doesn’t appear that Piccolo actually pushes Goku out of the way, and rather, the blast was intended for Piccolo all along. Your e-mails and the last chance to enter the current contest round out the episode.


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