Atari/Infogrames News, Somewhat-Related Dimps News
Published by 01 May 2008, 10:04 AM EDT

The Atari news continues to be interesting, this time with an announcement that Atari and their now-completely-and-entirely-official-in-whole parent company Infogrames will become one entity.

Currently, Infogrames owns 51.4% and is the majority stockholder in Atari. After the deal, Atari will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infogrames after acquiring “all remaining outstanding equity interests”.

This agreement is an essential and positive development for Infogrames and its shareholders. It brings Atari fully under the control of Infogrames, delivering a platform for future growth in the US. This step closely follows a series of recent major restructuring actions implemented in an effort to reposition Atari, streamline its corporate structure and reduce its annualized costs, including costs related to being a US public company.

The Board of Infogrames believes that full ownership of a restructured Atari is an important step for the Group, leading to a simplified operating structure that will deliver greater efficiency, provide the Group with greater opportunities to expand its US distribution capabilities and strengthen its platform for its global online initiatives.

The full press release goes into more detail on the agreement, but what we are all really wondering is exactly how it affects us as DBZ fans still anticipating more games in the US (and abroad, for that matter). It does not appear as if anything will really change for the time being. Remember, though, that Atari’s contract with FUNimation does run out in 2010, so that is perhaps the time frame where the most interesting and relevant news will occur.

Of other possible interest to DBZ fans is the current rumor circulating that Dimps, known to DBZ fans as the developers behind the entire “Budokai” series on PS2 and PSP as well as the upcoming “Burst Limit”, is actually the developer working on the monumental “Street Fighter IV”.

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