Viz Hardcover “Collector’s Edition” Manga…?
Published by 18 May 2008, 11:23 AM EDT

Tanooki Kuribo sent in another great tip, this time yet again to some mysterious RightStuf listings:

So what exactly are these? There seems to be a huge mystery surrounding Viz’s products, lately. Their own website still lists the “Viz Big” versions of DB volume 1 and DBZ volume 1 as being available 03 June 2008, while RightStuf would have you believe that it is actually already in-stock and available for ordering (which falls more in line with the original 06 May 2008 release date. Has anyone seen these in stores, yet? I will have to check later today…).

So now, on top of all that, we have these listings for hardcover “Collector’s Editions” of the manga coming on October 7th…? Whereas the hardcover listings are for 176/208 pages (which falls more in line with the original tankōbon / graphic novel release), those “VIZ BIG” listings are three-in-one “omnibus” versions (cramming three volumes into one large/thick release).

This is the plight of the American Dragon Ball fan — confusing, seemingly-interrupted and canceled releases.

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