“Dragon Ball DS” Revealed
Published by 19 May 2008, 7:50 PM EDT

There is apparently another new game coming out for the DS, appropriately called simply “Dragon Ball DS”. It appears to start out right at the very beginning of the series, and will be an action-adventure game that will be released on an as-of-yet undetermined date in 2008. has some scans from the latest issue of “V-Jump” showcasing a bit of the game (thanks to LaRésistance for the heads-up). We are certainly looking forward to it. It seems like this game will fall more in line with what the majority of gamers were looking for instead of “Harukanaru Goku Densetsu” (which we, for the record, enjoyed but never got around to finishing or reviewing on the podcast).

This new game appears to have stylus controls for moving and attacking (punch the close-by ones, use Nyoibō on the far-away ones; the Kamehameha will also be used, possibly by tapping on the screen as each syllable shows up). As you can see in the screen-shots, there will also be a variety of cut-scenes.

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