DBGT Box Sets Coming From FUNimation
Published by 05 June 2008, 6:40 PM EDT

Back in December we told you about a whole bunch of new stuff coming down the pipeline from FUNimation. Everything has come out except for the last item on the list — a “season one” set for Dragon Ball GTwhich we now know will be coming out later this year on 16 September 2008 for $49.98.

Since FUNimation has already put out DVD box sets of their original releases (4:3, dub + Menza music, original JP version), we can only continue to assume that these new releases will be a similar “remastered” style as Dragon Ball Z received.

We do not know which episodes these will be, but since DBGT is only 64 episodes long, it would not surprise me if the entire series is broken up into only a few sets.

Additionally, on that same day, you can expect to pick up DBZ season six, Spanish volumes 9 & 10, and the DVD/Blu-ray faux-“remastered” releases of DBZ movies 3 & 4 (in the same “double-feature” format that DBZ movies 1 & 2 just saw a week or so ago).

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