“Sparking! METEOR” & “Burst Limit” Dual Soundtrack Announced
Published by 25 June 2008, 10:32 PM EDT

Big thanks to Futabatei Shimei for keeping us on our toes, as always. CDJapan has a new entry for a “PlayStation 2 & Wii Game DragonBall Z Sparking! METEOR / PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 Game DragonBall Z Burst Limit soundtrack” coming out 27 August 2008 for ¥3000.

This is quite interesting because:

(1) The Japanese release of all the “Sparking!” games contained music composed by Shunsuke Kikuchi (plus one little DBGT BGM for the 2nd & 3rd games) from the actual TV series arranged for the games by Kenji Yamamoto.

(2) The American release of the first “Sparking!” game contained recycled music from the “Budokai” series. The American release of the second game contained all-new music. The American release of the third game also contained all-new music, though it was actually newly-composed in Japan.

(3) The American and Japanese releases of “Burst Limit” appear to have the exact same BGM, right from the get-go with the Japanese vocal opening theme performed by Hironobu Kageyama.

Now, as this is a Japanese CD produced for the Japanese market, my initial thought is that for “Sparking! METEOR”, this new CD will contain the music from the Japanese release of the game (which, if you are following along, was actually just BGM and arrangements [sometimes instrumental versions of vocal songs] from the TV series). Kenji Yamamoto is attributed to this CD, so there will (obviously) be music from him… but will it contain any of that “new” music composed for the American release of “Sparking! METEOR” (read: “Budokai Tenkaichi 3”)…?

It is somewhat mind-boggling at the moment, so we will of course keep you updated as more information comes out. All we know right now is that Kenji Yamamoto music from both games will appear in some capacity, and if precedent says anything, credit to Hironobu Kageyama means that the “TV-sized” versions of the vocal opening themes will appear on this disc. Remember that the full-length versions are coming out on a disc from Hironobu Kageyama next month!

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