FUNimation Dragon Ball GT Sets in Full Screen…?
Published by 13 July 2008, 6:15 PM EDT

We have known for what seems like forever that new Dragon Ball GT DVD sets were on their way from FUNimation, but knew little else beyond that. We recently got our hands on what seemed to be the box art, which confirmed the “remastered” style release. FUNimation has been showcasing trailers for the upcoming release… which…

… is playing full-screen…?!

The new trailer plugs the same “Digitally Remastered” and “Original Japanese Audio” as the DBZ season sets, but makes absolutely no mention of it being “widescreen”. We have seen FUNimation create advertisements about the DBZ season sets where they remove wording about them being in the cropped widescreen format as early as season two, but this (obviously) did not change the end product. Even after FUNimation stopped mentioning the widescreen for DBZ, the trailers all at least still remained in widescreen. How about DBGT, though? Has the community backlash and its resulting segregation given FUNimation a double-take? Should we expect the “Sorry We Fucked Up”-edition DBZ sets in a few years, with promotions saying, “No, really… this is how it was meant to be seen… we promise, this time!”…? This is all speculation until there is any official confirmation from FUNimation on what the actual aspect ratio will be for the DBGT sets, but it is an interesting situation, none-the-less.

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