“Final Budokai” Rumor Making the Rounds
Published by 06 August 2008, 7:30 AM EDT

You may be reading a few things across the interwebs about something called “Final Budokai”. It is important to note a few things about this:

  • Only Portuguese sites have been reporting this
  • All of these sites are copying-and-pasting the exact same text; no original reporting has occurred
  • European enthusiast press are well known for breaking embargoes
  • Dimps, the developers of the “Budokai” series, have moved on to “Burst Limit” (not to mention “Street Fighter IV”)
  • It is plausible that a new PS2 game would still come out (see this old pondering from January), and it is the direction a couple Japanese publishers are going with (see “Persona 4”)
  • The “Bakuretsu Impact” series of card-based arcade games do indeed feature a highly-evolved game engine based on the previous “Budokai” series
  • The “Budokai” games (specifically the third) are well-known for being highly “hackable”; that is, they are relatively easy for those in-the-know to customize characters by altering colors, shifting around body parts, etc.
  • Namco-Bandai did not take the “Budokai” name until “Shin Budokai” on the PSP (the games were “Dragon Ball Z”, “Dragon Ball Z 2”, and “Dragon Ball Z 3” in Japan)
  • DBZ games are almost always first announced in the Jump series of magazines in Japan (specifically “V-Jump”); rarely are any “secrets” held and announced at gaming conventions, where the vast majority of attendees are not their target audience
  • There has been no announcements past “Dragon Ball DS” from either Namco-Bandai or Atari
  • We know nothing about this 😛

Do with all of that information as you will. Remember that it is extremely important to be critical of your information sources, and do not be afraid to require actual cited sources before you start believing anything.

Of course, I would love for there to be a new “Budokai” game, since the “Sparking!” series (and more recently, “Burst Limit”) just have not done anything for me…

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