New Mysterious Video Game Listings Appear
Published by 17 August 2008, 9:20 PM EDT

We have some very strange video game listings popping up on American retail sites:

  • Dragon Ball Z Trilogy (PS2) — 09 September 2008
    $49.99 @ Amazon; $29.99 @ GameStop
  • Dragon Ball Z Infinite World (PS2) — 01 November 2008
    $29.99 @ Amazon; $29.99 @ GameStop
  • Dragon Ball Z: Origins (NDS) — 03 November 2008
    $29.99 @ Amazon; $29.99 @ GameStop

We are assuming that “Dragon Ball Z Origins” is actually just “Dragon Ball DS”, despite its “Z” in the title. We have no real evidence for this, though, especially considering that the game drops in Japan pretty soon on 18 September 2008.

This “Trilogy” on PS2 could potentially be a collection of the three “Sparking!” (or “Budokai Tenkaichi”) games. Again, there is no real evidence for this, and despite it not really making much sense to package three slight iterations on each other together, it is labeled as “Fighting”. Would “Sagas” or “Super Dragon Ball Z” be a part of this package?

This “Infinite World” is completely confusing, though — nothing more than a date and a (moderately low) price on this one. Is this the fabled “Final Budokai” international fans have been rumoring about?

What makes this all the more confusing is that the only new Japanese game we are aware of right now is “Dragon Ball DS”, and since Atari no longer creates games in-house, it is completely perplexing. I guess we will have to stay tuned to “V-Jump”…!

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