Jump Super Anime Tour Special Now Streaming!
Published by 23 November 2008, 11:48 AM EST

That is right, folks — the Jump Super Anime Tour Special is online right now and it is completely subtitled in English (pretty well, no less)!

Head on over to Jumpland’s English page for the special, and click the big “Download Browser” button in the bottom-right. You will need to be on a Windows-based machine to install this viewing program. Once that is done, go ahead and click the “Watch this anime” button in the middle with Vegeta & Tarble. As mentioned, it is completely subtitled in English (with the translations apparently done by a one Mr. “Anthony Carl Kimm”).

The special is going to be available for streaming online completely for free up until 31 January 2009. A future DVD release is already confirmed — a whole batch of upcoming Shueisha releases (Weekly Jump, V-Jump, etc.) will have the mail-in card to order it. Unfortunately, the site explicitly states (in English, no less): “We cannot accept orders from or send items outside Japan.” Time to start making pen-pals, folks!

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