Reports From Jump Festa 2009
Published by 20 December 2008, 12:44 PM EST

We have some “breaking news” for you coming out of Jump Festa courtesy of our old buddy Greg (who you old-timers will remember as the maintainer of The Ultimate DBZ Information Site). He has had a couple of his real-time comments transferred over to an Arlong Park thread, so we shall catch up with a couple of these that relate to Dragon Ball:

(23:20 EST) Dragon Ball Stage started. If he does it like the Luffy/Goku Talk, he’ll take meticulous notes and get them down on the board himself in the near future it seems. I haven’t heard a word of specifics about the last one.

Greg: “Bulma’s Bike is here evidently. This looks bad; they pulled out Akiba Idols to promote Nozawa. What were they thinking?”

(23:33 EST) Greg: “So far I am severely unimpressed. We’re listening to airheads talk about some very basic stuff.”

“Finally some interesting information coming out. Nozawa thinks Cell is the most frightening villian.”

(23:51 EST) Greg: “First game pictures look like DBZ Sparking but with real textures. Bulma seems to be a fighter this time around. They’re also giving out door prizes; Movie Tickets, etc. One guest won a role in the dub of the movie.” (Live Action Movie?)

(00:05 EST) Greg:”Toriyama left a message to the cast and crew of the movie: He felt surprised when he saw everything but after meeting the cast and crew, he felt they were splendid. He hopes that it will become a new Dragon Ball to be enjoyed and confirms that he is very much looking forward to it.”

There you have it! Perhaps an upcoming Shōnen Jump or V-Jump will give us some more information on this secret game in the near future (which may or may not be the PSP game based on the live action movie). It is intriguing how they are once again pumping out video games this year after a slight lull in early 2008. Toriyama’s comment about the live action movie is the expected response, falling right in line with his comments about Dragon Ball GT as it began to air. It does not really say anything one way or the other, it does not really prove anything one way or the other, but it is interesting none-the-less.

UPDATE: Greg confirmed for us that the game footage was indeed PSP-based. He also noted the following:

Oh, and I didn’t deem this as urgent enough to write home about, but yesterday Nozawa talked smack about the American Kame Hame Ha. Details to follow.

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