Additional Greg Reports From Jump Festa 2009
Published by 23 December 2008, 4:00 PM EST

We hinted at a couple things previously, but our good buddy Greg gave us a really nice write-up of his time spent at Jump Festa this past week. There was a lot going on, so let me pull out a couple key quotes from him:

When it came Nozawa’s turn they asked who else she did beyond THE OBVIOUS 3 and a child answered Bardock. Both Tanaka and Nozawa commented that they were so amazed small children knew smaller roles they did so long ago. It was then that I exposed that banter as bullshit when Nozawa asked who ELSE she did. I raised my hand to answer Tullece (or whatever the hell the accepted dubbination calls him these days) and Nozawa made direct eye contact with me at which time she scowled, shook her head and went on to pick a child. So yeah, basically their amazement at children knowing the roles is bullshit, they wanted/expected them to know the answers and only intended on picking them.

How many Americans can say they’ve been scowled at by Nozawa herself? Ah Japan. Gaijin are all the same to you eh?

One of Tanaka’s most memorable scenes is that with Bacterian where Krillin is reminded he doesn’t have a nose and just kind of responds, “Oh…yeah!” Nozawa thinks it’s hilarious because she honestly believes Toriyama originally genuinely forgot to draw one.

So they made a big hoot about Japan getting the live action movie first on March 13th. Nozawa wants it to be first here because, “…DB belongs to Japan!” So they showed us the trailer. Turns out it’s just the trailer.

It was the first time to see the trailer for many of the fans. Why? Because Japanese people suck ass at using computers.

Piccolo was laughed at. Flat out.

When Goku said Kame Hame Ha there was audible laughter.

Nozawa said she was surprised because Goku was such a hunk and Yamcha looks like some bumpkin which should be the other way around.

The idols said it’s strange to see such a young Roshi and that it’s hard to picture him being a perv like that. (Later Nozawa would say, “You can tell he likes young girls!”, apparently commenting on his shirt out of the blue which directly contradicted that comment and the feeling of the crowd so it seems she was fed that line)

Then Nozawa laid the smack down on the American Kame Hame Ha. She said in Japan they extend the ‘Ka’ OR the final ‘Ha’ but in America they extend the first ‘me’ which just makes it sound way off.

Head on over to our forum to read Greg’s full write-up.

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