Podcast Episode #0158
Published by 04 January 2009, 9:17 PM EST

Episode #0158 of the podcast is available for download! We were finally able to catch up with Julian again to record, so the core trio took a look back at 2008 in its entirety. We had all sorts of crazy stories, huge surprises, wacky releases, and so much more. Also, how did our predictions for 2008 fare? We took a look at those, as well as made (more beefy & substantial!) predictions for 2009. Definitely check it out.

Episode #0158! VegettoEX, Meri, and Julian take a look back at the extraordinary year that was 2008. Amazingly huge news stories, shocking surprises, and crazy releases summed up the year. In the end, though, what were the biggest stories and surprises? How did our predictions fare, and what do we see happening in 2009? January’s releases and your e-mails round out the episode.


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