Akira Toriyama Comments on “Dragon Ball Evolution”
Published by 08 February 2009, 11:34 PM EST

Oricon has posted a trailer for the movie with a preface from our main-man Toriyama:

Here is what he had to say (as translated by Anime New Network):

As the original creator, I had a feeling of “Huh?” upon seeing the screenplay and the character designs, but the director, all the actors, the staff, and the rest are nothing but “ultra” high-caliber people. Maybe the right way for me and all the fans to appreciate it is as a New Dragonball of a different dimension. Perhaps, this might become a great masterpiece of power! Hey, I look forward to it!!

I guess we will find out exactly how high-caliber these “people” really are on April 8th, when the movie drops into a theater near you (in the United States)… though, I am sure we will get a pretty good idea on March 13th when the movie premieres in Japan.

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