“Refreshed” DBZ Version Officially Named “Dragon Ball Kai”
Published by 19 February 2009, 10:52 PM EST

It appears that the new “refreshed” version of Dragon Ball Z will actually be getting its very own title, as confirmed in this week’s Weekly Shōnen JumpDragon Ball Kai. Toei will be dropping the “Z” and replacing it with “Kai,” based on the kanji 改, meaning “renewed” or “revised”.

There is not a whole lot of additional information, but you will notice that the two screen shots in the image are indeed semi-cropped, similar to FUNimation’s “faux”-remastered box sets. Keeping in mind that Toei’s promotional materials for the “Dragon Box” versions of the movies are all shown in 4:3 despite the products being 16:9, we should not yet jump to any conclusions. At the same time, it will/would be incredibly disheartening to see Toei go such a cheap route. However, we did receive word from our buddy Wasted Wisher way back when that:

it seems that TOEI is going to be re-drawing some scenes from Dragonball for broadcast on high-def tv. The touch-ups will include some re-done background art (most likely to broaden certain scenes for widescreen)

Will it be a combination of cropping and actual extension, as opposed to FUNimation’s sets which did not create actual new footage? I suppose we will have to wait until April 5th…!

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