“Dragon Ball Kai” Exclusive New Content Details
Published by 21 February 2009, 12:19 PM EST

Wasted Wisher has not led us wrong in the past yet, so we have faith that the trend continues!

The upcoming “refreshed” version of Dragon Ball Z being produced in HD for Japanese television (now called Dragon Ball Kai, so we will just call it that from here on out) will apparently have the following new content going for it:

– A brief look at the last moments of Bardock and Planet Vegeta
– An overview of young Goku’s growing up years (Dragonball, the pre-Z period) up until his triumph over Piccolo at the Tenkaichi-Budokai.
– The all-too-brief and yet still somewhat triumphant return of FARMER WITH A SHOTGUN!

And sadly (although that really all depends on how you look at things…)
– Goku’s winky has disappeared!

That’s right, through the miracle of “we’re just not gonna draw it anymore”, Li’l Goku is no longer going to be allowed to show off “Even Littler Goku” on TV. But don’t worry, they won’t do anything so blatant as to digitize tighty-whiteys on him.

We are pretty confident with the inside-scoop, but we will see for sure how it plays out on April 5th.

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