Story Guide Confirmations
Published by 03 March 2009, 6:38 PM EST

We have some final confirmation about the most recent guide, Dragon Ball: Super Exciting Guide – Story Volume, which was released today in Japan. It appears our original guess was correct, and it will indeed be a manga-specific guide. Here’s the book description from Shueisha’s site:


友情 悟空と仲間たちの感動エピソードを徹底追跡!
努力 鳥山明先生監修の修行データで、孫悟空の成長を完全解析!
勝利 強敵たちとの熱きバトルを、孫悟空の想いとともに大紹介!

A complete guide to the highlights of the world-famous comic masterpiece!

Friendship – It thoroughly tracks Goku and friends’ exciting episodes!
Effort – Through the training data supervised by Akira Toriyama-sensei, Son Goku’s growth is completely analyzed!
Victory – The blazing battles with strong opponents are profiled, together with Son Goku’s thoughts!

They were even nice enough to post a couple preview pages from the new guide. You can check out the rest of the pages (10 total) on Shueisha’s manga site.

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