“Super Exciting Guide – Story Volume” Tidbits
Published by 05 March 2009, 9:41 AM EST

Our buddy Greg popped over to our forum with a couple quick bits from the new Dragon Ball: Super Exciting Guide – Story Volume guide book that came out this week in Japan. Greg notes that while most of the material is information we have seen packaged and repackaged many times before, there are a couple new bits by way of a new interview with Toriyama. In it, the author notes that in discussing how to make Goku stronger with his assistant Matsuyama, by making Goku’s hair “blonde” (or “gold” or “yellow” or however you would like to describe it), it actually made it easier on them since they would no longer have to color in all of Goku’s hair, which took a long time to dry. Toriyama also lists out his five favorite battles (#1 was Goku vs Piccolo-Daimaō), and a few other nice little tidbits.

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