TV Specials To “Maybe” Be Released
Published by 27 March 2009, 2:08 AM EDT

Toei has updated their Dragon Ball DVD blog for the last time, seeing as all of the episodes and movies have been released. There is not much about anything we do not already know, except at the very end they leave us with some interesting news. Well, it is more of a “we are not really telling you anything, but we are going to say it anyway” kind of news:


Just maybe, there might be a DVD release of the TV specials, that characters such as Bardock appeared in…

Considering that this is the first time that Toei has ever mentioned the TV specials for an individual DVD release, I think it is fair to say we finally have some confirmation that they will indeed be seeing a DVD release in Japan. It is also not very clear, but we are assuming this includes both of the Dragon Ball Z TV Specials and the Dragon Ball GT TV Special. Also, no release date is mentioned, so it is really up in the air as to when this will happen. Of course, we may be reading too much into this, but it does not hurt to optimistically speculate.

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