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Published by 31 March 2009, 4:35 PM EDT

This very well may be our last post about Dragon Ball Kai before it airs!

Our buddy SSj_Rambo has been keeping us posted on the recent update of Toei Animation’s Dragon Ball Kai website. The site has pretty much been completely over-hauled from its original one-page news layout. They have put up pages highlighting the staff and cast, characters, and upcoming episodes. There is also a spot on the main page for next episode preview trailers.

Not surprisingly, Fuji TV’s Dragon Ball Kai website has also been updated. Although it did not get anything like an overhaul, they did post a new 30 second trailer, or “Spot Movie”, as they are calling it. It is not the best quality, especially when compared to the first HD commercial, but it is better than nothing. Gohan appears in the trailer and helps Goku narrate, and we hear the same background music that was used in the first trailer.

In addition to the trailer, they have also posted a new screen shot. I decided to compare it with the Dragon Box, and believe it or not, this shot is much more interesting than it may appear to be at first glance. You will probably notice right away that it is cropped and re-framed, and also that the color and sharpness are different. However, there is something much more intriguing that you may notice: Gohan has been moved! In the original scene, Gohan and Umigame are never that close to everyone else, since he is wandering out of the shot.

This may be the first time we are seeing proof that any re-animating or manipulation is actually being done… or are we? If you watch the new trailer, this scene is actually shown near the beginning. If you pay close attention, you will notice that Gohan is indeed farther out near the edge of the screen, as is found on the Dragon Box. My theory is that the screen shot posted is simply an old promotional image Fuji TV had lying around that they cropped for their website. This is also supported by the fact that the trailers sharpness and colors resemble those of the Dragon Box, more so than that of the Fuji TV screen shot. Besides, in that shot it looks like Kame-Sen’nin is staring off into the distance at nothing. So to all you comparison people out there, do not look into this screen shot too much like I did, since it is probably meaningless.

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