Podcast Episode #0172
Published by 12 April 2009, 1:29 PM EDT

Episode #0172 of the podcast is available for download! While we previously reviewed the movie with Julian based on its Japanese theatrical release, we thought it would be worth it to take a second look now that the rest of us had a chance to go see it. We came back with a ton of guests (some old, some new!) to discuss the movie’s merits and pitfalls. Anything and everything you wanted to hear discussed was touched upon.

Episode #0172! VegettoEX and Meri bring on a slew of guests to discuss the movie we have all been anticipating in some way for what feels like years — “DragonBall Evolution”. A group of fans and non-fans give their take on the movie as a whole, its acting, script, special effects, and worth. No matter what you think will be said, it’s guaranteed that you’ll be surprised in some way.


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