Podcast Episode #0173
Published by 19 April 2009, 11:15 PM EDT

Episode #0173 of the podcast is available for download! It’s been a crazy week for us here at the Daizenshuu EX headquarters in New Jersey, but things are coming along. Meri and I were able to crank out a show for you this evening mostly talking about episodes 2 & 3 of DragonBall Kai, but there’s some other good material in there for ya’!

Episode #0173! VegettoEX and Meri take it easy before the big move to crank out a fun little episode talking about episodes 2 and 3 of “DragonBall Kai”. There is a lot of neat stuff going on, but where did our pools of blood go…? The rest of April’s releases, some great e-mails, and a look at where we’re heading rounds out the episode.


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