Dragon Ball Wii Game Title & Screen Shots
Published by 21 May 2009, 9:47 AM EDT

Now that a couple days have passed, a little more information has slipped out about the two new games on the DB-horizon. First up is the new game for the Nintendo Wii, titled 天下一大冒険 (Tenka’ichi Dai-Bōken), or The World’s Greatest Adventure. Our Korean forum buddy DongHyun even has some new images over at their website which seem to come from the game’s official website that just opened:

From the looks of it, we will finally be getting a new console game for the first time in many years that is not a fighting game (though keep reading, since you know a fighting game is also on its way). Goku skiing? Gigantic fish jumping over bridges? Fighting Bear With Sword™? Sign us up.

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