Wal-Mart Updates With “Remastered” DB Season 1 Cover
Published by 18 June 2009, 9:13 AM EDT

We already told you all about how Wal-Mart’s website updated with a listing for a so-called “Dragon Ball: Season One (Widescreen)” set, which FUNimation has officially stated was a “mistake”. Well, now that Wal-Mart’s listing has gone even further and included cover art for the set, it is pretty safe to assume that the “mistake” was on FUNimation’s part for leaking information to retailers ahead of time yet again (just like in 2006 with the original remastered “Z” sets).

Unless there is some cunningly-nefarious IT intern at Wal-Mart that specifically has it out for North American-based Dragon Ball fans, we are getting pretty close to calling bullocks on FUNimation’s denials, here. The box art falls right in line with the “remastered” releases for both the DBZ and DBGT TV series, and is different enough from the original 1995 dub’s box art and the box art used for the Australian release of these episodes in conjunction with Madman (where Lionsgate’s sub-license did not apply).

We will continue to keep you updated as this develops, but it does not seem like much more needs to “develop”… with the exception of FUNimation coming out and admitting it is coming, anyway! As it stands right now, the set appears to be coming out 15 September 2009 for an MSRP of $49.98. The Wal-Mart listing indicates it will be “widescreen”, most likely in the faux-“remastered” style of the DBZ TV sets. There is no word on running time or the number of episodes it will contain, as well as the story with the oft-forgotten first Dragon Ball movie.

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