FUNimation Announces DBZ Dragon Box Sets at Otakon
Published by 18 July 2009, 12:00 PM EDT

Meri and Mike are off at Otakon, which means I am holding down the fort when I should really be asleep. However, a series of e-mails flooded my inbox, all from Mike. He is excited, and I am at least awake enough now to tell you that FUNimation is going to put out Dragon Ball Z “Dragon Box” sets in North America.

The details, as recorded on his Twitter account, are as follows:

  • The series will be released across seven DVD sets
  • Part One will retail for $79.98, and contain episodes 1-42 in 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Each set will come with an 80-page, hardcover book
  • The set defaults to Japanese (English version presumably a secondary feature).

FUNimation rep Adam Sheehan notes that these sets are not for the “casual fans”; we here at Daizenshuu EX are inclined to agree. It is looking like FUNimation has only announced Dragon Ball Z so far, but after all, they still have Dragon Ball to do before their “season” sets are officially a complete, non-abortive release. Anyhow, the pictures Mike has sent look pretty damn spiffy:

Oh, and two other things: DB Movie 1 (“The Legend of Shenlong”, a.k.a. “Curse of the Blood Rubies”) will indeed be released uncut, but probably as part of one of the new season sets rather than with the other movies; and they would like to put out last year’s Jump special but do not have it right now (and are unwilling to say more at the present time).

Sounds like a pretty eventful con, no? Now, excuse me while I go pass out.

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