Tankōbon Spine Art Figures
Published by 31 August 2009, 11:52 PM EDT

Back in late April it was announced that Shueisha would be releasing all subsequent editions of the tankōbon with newly “refreshed” covers and newly drawn spine art. As homage to the original tankōbon volumes, Coca Cola, in collaboration with the Lawson convenience store franchise, began releasing limited edition figures of the tankōbon spine art. The series itself was called the “DragonB all Original Comic Spine Figures”. There were 24 figures released in total, which were split up into two release groups. The first twelve figures were released on 28 April 2009 and the final twelve figures were released on 18 August 2009, as shown below. The best part is you can connect all of the figures together to form the entire tankōbon spine art image. They even left in some of the little things; two Yajirobe, Kaio running with a stick (absent of poop), and Gohan’s weird colors.

Each figure was separately packaged as a special bonus item for buying a dual-pack of any Coca Cola product from a Lawson convenience store. It really does not seem that bad if you think about it; a free 24 figure set of the entire tankōbon spine art image for buying 48 bottles of soda. However, you would of course have to find the dual-packs that contained whatever figures you did not already have. Oddly enough, Lawson convenience stores originated in Ohio, but are now the second largest convenience store chain in Japan — there is some trivia for you!

Last but not least, here is a short video from jetdaisuke, where he takes a look at the second “Goku on Kinto-Un” figure. It should give you a good idea of how they were packaged, and just how big, or small, these figures are.

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