“Koro-chan Pack Dragon Ball Kai” CDs Details
Published by 15 January 2010, 10:52 AM EST

Various retailer sites have posted up full track listings for the three Koro-chan Pack Dragon Ball Kai CDs all due out next month. For those unfamiliar with the concept, these “Koro-chan Pack” discs are lower-priced compilations of previously-released music with a small number of tracks on each disc. We saw one each for the original Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z back in 2007, and then there were plans for a Kai version last year which was ultimately canceled, seemingly in favor of the single Dragon Ball Kai Song Collection disc.

If you already own that disc, you may as well stick with it — these discs offer up very little in the way of new material. As expected, each of the three discs contain music associated with and used during that portion of the story arc thus-far in Kai. The only new material you will find are karaoke versions one one song per disc (“Win Tough Fight!”, “CHASER!”, and “Ultra Super Dragon Soul”, respectively).

We do not yet have cover art or details on the “picture book” bonuses that will come with each of these 12-cm CDs when they come out 24 February 2010 for ¥1575 a pop.

In all honesty, I may be passing on these, shocking as that may be. Sure, they are cheap, but I already own any of the significant material over on the Dragon Ball Kai Song Collection disc. Only true karaoke enthusiasts need dive in, it seems.

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