“Dragon Ball Online” Story Bits Translated
Published by 21 January 2010, 9:25 AM EST

Our forum member Amaranth Sparrow has dived head-first into translating new information coming out of the current open-beta for Dragon Ball Online in Korea. You can read all the juicy details for yourself on our forum, but here are some of the highlights:

  • The main villain is referred to as “The Pale Man” and is named “Miira” (not to be confused with Miira-kun, one of Baba’s fighters). While he does not appear to himself be a part of the Makaiōshin as previously speculated, there is a good possibility that the female that accompanies him is, and may be the one who created him
  • Gohan published a book called “Groundbreaking Science” around Age 800, which appears to have taught the general population concepts such as ki control; he also explained how the Katchin metal (which was used to test the Z-Sword) could indeed be cut, which led to a new-found interest in swordsmanship, as well as Goten and Trunks founding the Kikoukenjutsu Sword School which teaches how to infuse blades with ki to overpower opponents
  • This aided them when the remnants of Freeza’s army attacked in Age 820
  • Kuririn founded the “New Turtle School”, which taught humans how to fight alongside each other in groups to take advantage of their collective strengths, allowing them to compete against stronger, individual enemies
  • Tenshinhan believed it was more important to to develop individualized attacks than with support from others, and developed new attacks that revolved around collecting ki in strategic ways to unleash incredible bursts of energy with precise timing
  • In Age 790, Majin Boo accidentally found Mr. Satan’s “Bob & Margaret” adult book, and used it to form ideas about female mates and ultimately create his wife, “Booby”, from a part of his own body, and also hit her with his “Love Beam” causing her to give birth to a “Baby Boo”; the family grew quickly, and was later recognized as its own race

There is a ridiculous amount of extra information over in our forum, so be sure to check it out!

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