“The Golden Warrior” Art Book Details From V-Jump
Published by 02 April 2010, 2:48 PM EDT

In addition to new episode titles for Dragon Ball Kai, this month’s issue (May 2010) of V-Jump contains exciting news about the new illustration book, Dragon Ball: The Golden Warrior. The magazine featured a nice ad for the upcoming book, which went as followed (translated by Herms):

Dragon Ball Anime Illustration Collection: The Golden Warrior

The path of Son Goku’s adventures and battles!!

From his boyhood up to Super Saiyan 4, Goku’s growth is followed through over 100 illustrations! Featuring numerous illustrations, such as those drawn for the TV series or the movie books, you can see Goku’s whole history!!

Contents include: movie posters/drawings made for magazines like Weekly Jump, V-Jump, etc., interviews with the different generations of character designers with illustration explanations, etc.; it’s a deluxe archive edition!!

So there you have it — a Goku illustration book, jam-packed with awesomenes! You can pick-up your own copy of the book when it hits stores or Amazon Japan on 16 April 2010. I think this will be well worth the retail price of ¥1,200 (~$12.00).

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