“Dragon Ball Kai” & Nicktoons Updates
Published by 14 April 2010, 1:45 PM EDT

Our buddy EvilGamerX already nailed the May 24th, Monday through Thursday news about (Z) Kai for us several weeks back, so you were already up-to-speed on that, right? He also tossed out there that 8 pm was being discussed as a possible broadcast time, though that was still up-in-the-air. Whether convenient rumor or not, plenty of folks are discussing a seemingly-concrete 8 pm broadcast time across the internets this week, pointing to a supposed commercial that has yet to make its way online. File it as “rumor” for now, but it seems to have some legs.

Our buddy Haseowolf once again comes in strong with some RightStuf information, this time showing their latest brochure with a 14 September 2010 release part for “Part Two” of Kai from FUNimation.

That seems like a rather long time between releases with “Part One” coming out in just a few weeks on 18 May 2010. Does the Nicktoons broadcast somehow come into play here? Possibly. FUNimation has a flip-flopping past of having some aspects of the franchise appear first on television and some appear first on a home release, so there is really no consistency to point back to as a solid precedent. There is also the issue of Blu-ray region coding being the same (Region A) for the US and Japan, so there may be a release schedule stipulation in the contract from Toei.

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