Upcoming Video Game Receiving 30 Minutes of New Animation
Published by 16 May 2010, 11:03 AM EDT

In extremely surprising news, it sounds like an upcoming Dragon Ball video game will see some new, traditional 2D animation. Our favorite buddy “Wasted Wisher” (who let us all know about Kai weeks before it was officially announced) popped over on our forum to say they will be working on approximately 30 minutes of new animation for a video game. There is no word on exactly which game that will be, but TAG VS and Raging Blast 2 are the only known upcoming games at the moment.

The last game to see extensive 2D animation was the American-produced Sagas (Gamecube / PS2 / Xbox), which contracted out Toei for an opening chapter sequence. Prior to that, DragonBall Z 3 (Budokai 3) was the last Japanese-produced game with a 2D-animated sequence. All games since then have featured either new CG-rendered 3D graphics or even in-game, 3D models.

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