“Kokoro no Hane” CD Single Details
Published by 01 June 2010, 3:56 PM EDT

The CD single for the second (and current) closing theme to Dragon Ball Kai, entitled “Kokoro no Hane” (“Wings of the Heart”), is set for release in July in eleven different versions.

It was clear from the start that using AKB48 members for the closing theme was a bit of a publicity stunt/grab (even with leader Minami Takahashi claiming to be a “real” fan). This release style solidifies it, and is something absolutely unprecedented for Dragon Ball.

Here is the easy information — everything is coming out 21 July 2010. Regular editions will cost ¥1260, while “Limited Edition” versions will cost ¥1600. What are all of the different versions, though? According to Columbia’s and CDJapan’s listings:

Each individual member (seven total) of “Team Dragon” (itself a hand-picked group from the larger pool of AKB48 talent) will be receiving her own version of the CD single. These individualized versions will contain a trading card with that member’s image, as well as a DVD with footage of that particular member’s “dubbing experience” as well as footage of the theme song being performed. The “Team Dragon” version appears to have a trading card with an image of all members, and DVD footage of all members. The “Miracle Card Battle” version will contain a card with an image of either Goku, Gohan, or Cell. Furthermore, first-press copies will come with a B3-sized (353 × 500 mm) poster.

It is incredibly confusing, and slightly ridiculous. For those just looking for the closing theme itself, pick up any of the eleven editions and it will contain it. The standard track listing for each disc (none of which have cover art just yet) is as follows:

01. 心の羽根
Kokoro no Hane
Wings of the Heart
02. 世界中の雨
Sekaijū no Ame
The Rain Throughout the World
03. 心の羽根 (off vocal ver.)
Kokoro no Hane (off vocal ver.)
Wings of the Heart (off vocal version)
04. 世界中の雨 (off vocal ver.)
Sekaijū no Ame
The Rain Throughout the World (off vocal ver.)

A “Limited Edition” version of a CD single is certainly nothing new to the franchise, and even Ayumi Hamasaki’s CD single for “Rule” (the main theme to the live-action movie Dragon Ball Evolution) had three different versions… but… eleven? Really?

Is there anyone out there willing to drop the cash for each and every single version? We will take a bullet for the team and check out a couple of them (we already have two on order), so expect reviews that are probably far too detailed for our and your own good near the end of July.

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