“TAG VS” / “Tenkaichi Tag Team” Release Details
Published by 25 June 2010, 2:13 PM EDT

Amazon Japan is listing a release date of 30 September 2010 for the upcoming Dragon Ball TAG VS on the PSP, complete with cover art:

The game retails for ¥5229, and international folks can pick it up on Play-Asia for about the same price at $59.90.

Here in the US, we can look forward to the game (coming out as Tenkaichi Tag Team) on 19 October 2010 at our standard price of $39.99 according to Amazon. There is no cover art for the American version yet, but it seems like the European version (hitting on 29 October 2010) will be using the original Japanese cover art, so there is a good chance we will get it, as well.

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