Everyone Loves a Good Deal!
Published by 07 July 2010, 3:09 PM EDT

If you have ever heard me talk about my video game purchasing habits, you know just how much I love a good deal. We try to share the best DragonBall deals when we can here on the website whenever we can, too!

Amazon recently had a great deal on Dragon Box sets, but Box 3 quickly went back up to ~$50. Well, Amazon is rocking the amazing prices on all sorts of box sets again (including the first TV series, as Ryan pointed out to us over on Facebook), though they are strictly limited to currently-available items. Pre-order prices for things like Dragon Box 4, Z Kai volume 2, and Dragon Ball season five are still not the best you can find online (you are probably better off at RightStuf for those). In terms of deals on Amazon, the best ones seem to be:

The best deal for Dragon Box 3 right now appears to be at Best Buy, who has it for $22.99… though the other boxes are more expensive.

On top of all that, Ian wrote in to let us know that Toys”R”Us has Revenge of King Piccolo for the Nintendo Wii down at an awesome $15.98, and some stores may even have it at 25% off that price for their clearance sale.

That is definitely the right price range for that game. Seen any other genuinely amazing deals? Let us know!

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