“Dragon Ball Kai” Sticker Books
Published by 20 July 2010, 6:09 PM EDT

There is nothing that gets Dragon Ball fans more riled up than some awesome sticker books! Luckily, there are three new sticker books coming out over the next two months. The books are being released in conjunction with three new One Piece sticker books, so it appears they are aiming for the new, and much younger, “Dream 9” audience.

Each series’ three books are divided up into a “Character Book”, “Story Book”, and “Quiz Book”. The “Story Book” is due out 23 July 2010 for ¥780 (~$8.50) and will contain character and backdrop stickers so you can recreate your favorite scenes from Kai thus far. The “Character Book” and “Quiz Book” are both due out 20 August 2010 for ¥780 (~$8.50). The “Character Book” will contain stickers of the main characters that have appeared in Kai, while the “Quiz Book” will have quizzes, puzzles, and mazes that involve stickers. All six Dragon Ball and One Piece sticker books were originally set to be released in July, but have now been awkwardly split up over two months.

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